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Liquid Filtration and Air Filtration

In liquid filtration and air filtration systems, Solka-Floc® and Alpha-Cel™ are effective filter aid precoat or body feed agents. They rapidly form a firm, non- abrasive filter precoat, unlike other powdered filter aids, to improve performance and capacity of the filtration system. Particular grades of Solka-Floc® can be used in tandem with other filter aids such as Diatomaceous Earth (DE), Perlite, or sand to improve filtration throughput and enhance clarity. This protective filter precoat or filter cake combination can prevent the bleed through of the filtrate and filter-media. A Solka-Floc® or Alpha-Cel™ filter cake will effectively filter and trap sediments that would normally blind a filter and thereby decrease filter cycle time and effect filtration quality.

Suggested Grades

Alpha-Cel™ BH40 1 - 3%
SolkaFloc® 40

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