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Pet Food

Solka-Floc® Powdered Cellulose and JustFiber® Vegetable Fibers have proven functional advantages in a wide range of pet food applications. All natural Solka-Floc® Powdered Cellulose and JustFiber® Vegetable Fibers are composed of more than 99% pure dietary fiber, and have a high degree of water binding capability. Both products have the unique ability to be compressed, which makes it an excellent choice for providing shape and texture to dry pet food products while aiding the extrusion rates. Consequently, IFC powdered cellulose is the ingredient of choice for many pet food companies for use in manufacturing reduced calorie, high fiber pet food products.

Click here to view the pet food data sheets.

Below is a list of a few applications using our powdered cellulose. Click to learn more about the following applications.

Canned Pet Food  |  Dry Pet Food  |  Pet Treats
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