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Our FILLTECK™ fibers enhance the dimensional stability of the rubber by forming a three-dimensional matrix inside the product, while also providing strength and structure throughout the processing phase of the rubber. FILLTECK™ filled rubbers can show improved elastic behavior and strength and stiffness. Milled FILLTECK™ fibers can reinforce both uncured (green) and cured rubber very effectively. In "green" rubber, properties such as yield strength, modulus and Mooney viscosity are all improved by the addition of FILLTECK™ fibers. In cured rubbers, initial modulus, compressive strength, bending stiffness and tear resistance are all enhanced. FILLTECK™ fibers are naturally hygroscopic; absorbing free moisture thereby improving the vulcanization process. FILLTECK™ manufactured fibers are high-surface-area cotton and flock fiber reinforcements for rubber and plastic compounding. The FILLTECK™ brand of fiber is known for its high strength to weight ratio, high modulus, and thermal stability. Rubber chemists who evaluated high-surface-area cotton flock fiber reinforcements found them highly effective in rubber reinforcement, creating an effective mechanical coupling between the rubber and fiber.

FILLTECK™ fibers provide improved quality and consistency in finished product while reducing shrinkage. Milled FILLTECK™ fibers including cotton, nylon and polyester are found in applications such as: power transmission belts, 'V' belts, timing belts, conveyor belts, hoses, friction parts, rubber roll covers, seals and numerous other automotive uses. Precision Cut fibers of 1 mm - 6 mm in length have been used in these applications.

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