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  • VIDOFIBRES BF is produced from 100% Swiss natural Sugar Beet Pulp after extraction of the sugar. Typical application is in clean label food.

  • The Sugar beet fiber provides stabilization, water binding, structure and freshness. Sugar Beet Fiber is a part soluble and part insoluble fiber that contributes to reducing blood cholesterol and balancing blood sugar levels while providing positive effects on the digestive system.

  • VIDOFIBRES BF is all natural and non-GMO fiber. Sugar Beet Fiber is USDA approved in meats & poultry, HPB approved in Canada and approved in Canada for a fiber claim in bakery products at less than or equal to 7%./li>

  • When used in bakery products, VIDOFIBRES BF’s high water retention keeps products fresher and softer for longer periods of time.


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